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Child rights training

Phase One

The Ian Potter Foundation kindly funded ISS Australia for a project on international child rights training called ‘In the Best Interests of the Child.’

The project sought to increase awareness and understanding in the Australian not-for-profit sector about international child rights, and how to put child rights into practice to better protect children in Australia and overseas.

The project did this through the development of training focusing on child rights in both domestic and international contexts, the legal basis for the protection of child rights (particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) and the methods practitioners can use to apply a child rights framework in their everyday work.

The training initially targeted those working in the fields of child welfare and child protection.

Phase Two

Building on the success of Phase One, ISS Australia – with generous support from the Telematics Trust – adapted our child rights training content for online delivery, allowing broader access to a much larger potential audience.

ISS Australia is currently finalising its From Principles to Practice online child rights training program for delivery.

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