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Defence for Children International (DCI)

Defence for Children International (DCI)

Defence for Children International (DCI) is a leading international, non-government organisation, focussing on child rights.

Founded in 1979, DCI has been promoting and protecting children’s rights at the global, national and regional level for over 40 years.  

DCI’s mandate is to ensure the effective implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child everywhere.

DCI’s vision is that children, as human beings, are able to pursue a life in which they can enjoy their human rights with dignity, in a just and responsible society.

During the last DCI General Assembly, a Strategic Framework was approved to guide DCI’s work for the years to come. Four key topics emerged:

  • Justice for Children
  • Eliminating Violence against Children
  • Children on the move
  • Children affected by armed conflict

DCI also identified three cross-cutting issues which are highly important:

  • Children deprived of liberty
  • Child Participation
  • Gender Equality

DCI in Australia

In the 1980s, an Australian section of DCI was formed by volunteers. Then in 2014, ISS Australia agreed to be the Australian DCI representative and the home for DCI’s work in Australia.

In undertaking DCI's child rights work in Australia, ISS Australia has at various time advocated for: children’s full legal rights, the proper regulation of international commercial surrogacy, the full application of the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the banning of smacking and all forms of violence against children.

If you wish to inquire about DCI in Australia please do not hesitate to contact us here at ISS Australia.


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