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2010-11: Kinship Care Across Borders

International kinship care involves placing children who are in out of home care in one country with family members in another country.

Facilitating kinship care across international borders is a significant part of ISS Australia’s work, however there is little documented research on the most appropriate ways to undertake the kinship care process, particularly to ensure protection of the rights of the child.

In 2010 the R.E Ross Trust generously provided funding for ISS Australia to undertake research outlining the obstacles to international kinship care and suggested models of best practice in resolving some of these issues.

A small-scale qualitative research project on this subject has now been completed for ISS Australia by researcher Siobhan Kavanagh (download below). We hope this work may lead to further in-depth study of this important field.

ISS Australia thanks the R.E. Ross Trust for their ongoing confidence in and support for our work.

ISS AUSTRALIA REPORT: International Kinship Care – Observations from the Australian context

Download the Report here