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International Post Adoption Tracing

In addition to our Intercountry Adoption Tracing and Reunification Service (ICATRS; for more info click here), ISS Australia provides an International Post Adoption Tracing Service (IPATS) for those cases that fall outside the scope of ICATRS.
ICATRS assists intercountry adoptees and their families, including those adopted overseas by an Australian family who then returned to Australia (known as “expatriate” adoptions).
IPATS assists those who were adopted via a local adoption process overseas, who subsequently migrated to Australia, or those adopted in a domestic (Australian) adoption where a family member subsequently moved overseas.
If you need to clarify which service applies to your situation, please call ISS Australia’s Client Helpline on 1300 657 843 (local call cost).
In NSW, ISS Australia’s International Post Adoption Tracing Service is provided free of charge thanks to funding from the NSW Government.
Our International Post Adoption Tracing brochure can be downloaded here.
ISS Australia’s fee schedules (for the Victorian and NSW Offices) can be accessed here.