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Child Safety

Child Safety

ISS Australia has policies in place to ensure we are absolutely committed to child safety and are a child safe organisation. We fully support the Australian National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

ISS Australia’s casework often includes children and we ensure that:

  • the best interests of children are of paramount consideration in our work,
  • we always respect the rights of children, and
  • we always listen to the voice of the child.

We have detailed child safety policies and procedures in place. We ensure all our staff, volunteers and board members are properly screened and have a Working with Children Check and a National Police Certificate check.  

We follow zero tolerance for all harm to children or child abuse and follow all mandatory reporting obligations.

In accordance with international human rights law, ISS Australia believes that a child has a right to voice their opinions in any forum or decision-making process that may impact their lives and wellbeing where is it safe and appropriate to do so. We provide a dedicated and specialist Child Consultation service to support this right in practice.

We respect the diversity of children and their rights to the maintenance of their cultural and linguistic identity and heritage, including the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and protecting their on-going connection to culture and country.


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