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International Child Welfare and Kinship Care

International Child Welfare and Kinship Care
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International Child Welfare and Kinship Care

Our International Child Welfare and Kinship Care service provides international child welfare and protection support to NSW Government Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) and other non-government organisations in NSW.

ISS Australia assists DCJ and NGO’s in NSW with child welfare and protection matters where there is both a NSW and overseas component.

Services include:

  • Facilitating overseas Child Protection and Police background checks
  • Conducting viability and kinship assessments of overseas extended family members in regard to the possible placement of a child in care in Australia
  • Searching for biological family for purposes of family connections and Life Story Work in regard to a child in care in NSW
  • Assisting with the overseas element of NSW local or Out-of-Home Care adoption.

ISS Australia is committed to ensuring the rights, safety and wellbeing of children are paramount and protected across international borders.

Whilst this service is funded by the NSW Government’s Department of Communities and Justice, there will be associated costs incurred overseas by our network member – Please see our Fee Schedule for further information.

Our International Child Welfare and Kinship Care service provides international child welfare and protection support to Australian State and Territory Child Protection Authorities and other non-government organisations across Australia.

However ISS Australia receives no government funding for this service (except for NSW Government funding), therefore fees will apply. Please see our Fee Schedule for further details.

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International Kinship Care Video

Did you know that ½ Australia’s population are either born overseas or have one parent born overseas.

There are over 45,000 children in care in Australia , and the majority of them would be in placements with carers that they have no biological connection with.

Where appropriate, the alternative form of care which should be prioritised is the child remaining within their extended family, as this respects the child’s right to family life and maintains family links.

This is outlined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and in the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children.

Child protection caseworkers need to explore all options that might allow a child to remain within their extended family, including identifying any potential family placements overseas.

This video highlights why it is essential to good practice that if a child in care has extended family living overseas that they be considered as a possible long-term placement option for the child, as it  provides the child with an opportunity to maintain their identity, connection to culture and language.

If you would like more information on how ISS Australia can assist with locating and assessing potential family placements overseas, please send us an email at iss@iss.org.au or visit www.iss.org.au for more information.

ISS Australia is grateful for the funding received by the NSW Government’s Social Sector Transformation Funds in 2021/22 to produce this awareness raising video.


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