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International Family Mediation

International Family Mediation (IFM) is a service offered by ISS Australia that provides expert, impartial assistance in the resolution of family separation disputes across international borders. Since the service began in 2012 it has assisted hundreds of families in over 30 countries.  

Our IFM service is the only family mediation service that operates as part of an international network. We support parents both in Australia and overseas to ensure the best outcomes for children. 

Our accredited Family Mediators are specialised at facilitating sessions between couples affected by separation or divorce across borders. Our Family Mediators are also qualified Social Workers and work closely with each party to assist in the resolution of issues around parenting.

How does it work?

  1. Initial intake and screening of both parties to determine if mediation is appropriate
  2. Co-mediation model facilitated via Zoom Video conferencing
  3. Online mediation delivered via Zoom Video conferencing
  4. Issue of a Section 60I certificate for the Family Court of Australia, where appropriate

Why International Family Mediation? 

In matters of family dispute, mediation is proven to be a better alternative for a child’s long-term development and well-being. Mediation sessions are not about resolving past relationship issues between parents, but instead coming to an agreed arrangement that is best for the children involved.

ISS Australia also operate as part of the global International Social Service network. We have offices in over 140 countries who can assist. Further, interpreting services are provided at no additional cost.

What is the role of the Mediator?

  • Determine suitability of both parents to proceed to joint sessions
  • Ensure parents remain child focused throughout sessions
  • Ensure that any agreements made promote the best interest of children
  • Remain independent and neutral to all parties involved in the process at all times
  • Facilitate conversations that allow parents the opportunity to safely discuss and resolve parenting issues

Our team are experienced in cross cultural and international family dispute resolution.

All ISS Mediators are qualified and accredited by the Commonwealth Government. In addition to their Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) qualification, our mediators are also qualified social workers. 

Legal Advice 

ISS Australia’s Family Mediators cannot provide parents with legal advice. All parents have the right to seek legal advice throughout the mediation process and are encouraged to do so.

ISS Australia provides legal services to clients experiencing International Parental Child Abduction. Find out more about ISS Australia's Legal Service.

The IFM Service does not receive government funding and charge fees on a pay as you go basis. The fees include all work undertaken outside of the mediation sessions, including correspondence, telephone calls, preparation for sessions, records of agreements and interpreting services. The fees associated with our IFM Service are in AUD as per the below table per person:

Standard Fee
Concession Rate
Administration Fee
Intake Assessment
Mediation (per hour)
IFM Intake Form

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