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Our Staff

Victorian Office (Melbourne)

Ann Freilich Accountant

Amelia McDermott Coordinator, Victorian SW Services
*Eleni Bailey Senior Social Worker
Aga Duc Intercountry Social Worker

Jenny Tam Senior Lawyer
Christina Scibilia Lawyer
Rebekah Bessant Lawyer
Emily Biggs Paralegal

Dr Klaus Serr Senior Research Fellow

NSW Office (Sydney)

*Damon Martin Interim Executive Director / Manager, NSW Office / Manager, NSW Special Search Service
*Kay Hardefeldt Manager, NSW Services
(*Phoebe Lewis Senior Social Worker – On Leave)
Sarah Burn Senior Caseworker
Phoebe Peters Intercountry Social Worker
Meredith Gantt Intercountry Social Worker
Lizzie Gray Special Search Service Social Worker

Becky Chapman Managing Lawyer
Ben Hughes Lawyer

* Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)

Email addresses

ISS Australia staff can be emailed using the format: