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Our Staff

Victorian Office (Melbourne)

Peter van Vliet CEO

Ann Freilich Accountant

Amelia McDermott Coordinator, Victorian SW Services
*Eleni Bailey Senior Social Worker
Aga Duc Intercountry Social Worker

Jenny Tam Senior Lawyer
Belinda Li Lawyer

NSW Office (Sydney)

*Damon Martin Manager, NSW Office / Manager, NSW Special Search Service
*Kay Hardefeldt Manager, NSW Services

Becky Chapman Managing Lawyer
(*Phoebe Lewis Senior Social Worker – On Leave)
Sarah Burn Senior Caseworker
Phoebe Peters Intercountry Social Worker
Meredith Gantt Intercountry Social Worker
Lizzie Gray Special Search Service Social Worker

Ben Hughes Lawyer

* Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)

Email addresses

ISS Australia staff can be emailed using the format: