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Intercountry Adoption Tracing and Reunification

ISS Australia was funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS) in July 2016 to provide a free Intercountry Adoption Tracing and Reunification Service. Unfortunately DSS funding for this service ended on 30 June 2018, despite ISS Australia’s efforts to retain funding for this successful and much-needed service. Please click on the following link to view a thorough review of this service:

Download PDF – Full Review
Download PDF – Executive Summary

As of June 2018 our Intercountry Adoption Tracing and Reunification Service had over 230 current cases, many of these clients were part way through their search and require ongoing support. Unfortunately the Intercountry Adoption Tracing Social Workers have been made redundant as ISS Australia cannot sustain these roles without funding.

ISS Australia is committed to supporting our current clients’ search where possible, however at this time with no funds or staff to assist we cannot accept new referrals. ISS Australia is proactively pursuing alternative funding options, mainly through philanthropic partnerships, but this takes time.

ISS Australia’s ICA Service Manager, Damon Martin was on ABC Radio National on 19 June 2018 discussing this funding issue, if interested please follow the following link: Radio National 19 June 2018.

Our Intercountry Adoption Tracing and Reunification Services included:

• Information, support and counselling to intercountry adoptees and adoptive parents regarding their decision to trace birth family
• Tracing birth family overseas through the resources of the ISS network and other relevant agencies in the adopted person’s country of origin
• Guidance and support to intercountry adoptees considering or undertaking independent tracing of their birth family
• Counselling and support to intercountry adoptees, adoptive parents and birth families as they begin and progress through the complex reunification process
• Referrals to specialised services and support networks, where appropriate