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International Family Mediation

“I found your guidance and stewardship professional, positive and progressive. I sincerely thank you for getting us this far.”
(Feedback from a client of our mediation service)

ISS Australia’s International Family Mediation (IFM) Service can provide expert assistance in the resolution of family disputes across international borders.

What is International Family Mediation (or Dispute Resolution)?

IFM is the process whereby a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) assists family members affected (or likely to be affected) by separation or divorce across international borders to try to resolve their disputes with each other.

Our professional FDRPs offer a comprehensive IFM Service including:

  • Assessment of suitability for mediation
  • Mediation provided face-to-face, via telephone or online
  • Section 60I certificates for the Family Court, where appropriate

The role of ISS Australia’s FDRPs

The FDRP is independent of all parties involved in the process and is experienced in cross-cultural and international family matters. All FDRPs are qualified and accredited by the Commonwealth Government.

In addition to their FDRP qualification, all ISS Australia staff providing this service are qualified Social Workers.

If you have an enquiry about ISS Australia’s International Family Mediation Service or wish to make a referral, please email

Legal Advice
ISS Australia’s FDRPs cannot provide parties with legal advice. All parties have a right to seek legal advice at any time during the mediation process and are encouraged to do so.

ISS Australia provides legal services to clients experiencing International Parental Child Abduction, and an internal referral can be made to this service where appropriate.

Please note: fees are charged for some ISS Australia services (depending on location and whether we receive Government funding); please go here to see current fee schedules for the Victorian and NSW Offices.

International Family Mediation

Download our IFM Service Brochure here