ISS Australia Statement on Preventing Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse (SHEA)

ISS Australia is committted to preventing sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.

Sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse (SHEA) are unacceptable breaches of fundamental human rights.

ISS Australia has a policy of zero tolerance for any conduct involving sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse by ISS Australia employees, board members, students, volunteers, and associated entities.

ISS Australia is committed to working with our partners nationally and internationally in stamping out SHEA.

All ISS Australia staff and related personnel are expected to uphold the highest standard of personal and professional conduct at all times.  

ISS Australia actively promotes and reinforces a ‘speak up, speakout’ culture and actively engages in understanding the attitudes, cultures and power dynamics that drive under-reporting of SHEA.

ISS Australia makes every effort to create and maintain a safe environment, free from SHEA, and shall take appropriate measures for this purpose in the communities where we operate, through our robust PSHEA framework, including prevention and response measures.

 ISS Australia’s SHEA prevention policies include:

·       Thorough vetting of prospective staff including: government working with children checks; reference checks; self-declarations; and a mandatory code of conduct.

·       Mandatory training of all staff in PSHEA policy and procedures.

·       The maintenance of a safe workplace.

·       Reporting and investigative policies which support complainants/victims.