New Child Inclusive Practice Program

International social service Australia is excited to announce the development of its own Child Inclusive Practice (CIP) program. This program will complement the suite of offerings that our International Family Mediation service already provides. Child Consultants will work with children affected by parental separation across international borders, using a child focused and family centred approach. A Child Consultant has specialist training in meeting with children, creating a safe space for them to share their perspective on the family situation, current experiences, as well as needs, current coping skills and resources.  

As a result of the Alfred Felton Bequest and the Collier Charitable Fund, ISS Australia has already trained two child consultants and will train a further two consultants by the end of 2021. This is an exciting time in which the program will be established with new tools, forms, procedures, and policies. Initially, child consultation sessions will be provided face to face in our Sydney and Melbourne office locations with a view of expanding this service to online in the future. Watch this space for exciting new developments.