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The harmful effects of international parental child abduction (“IPCA”) can be significant and far-reaching. Project Prevent is an online campaign designed to raise awareness and provide timely information for families at risk of, or who are currently experiencing international parental child abduction. ISS Australia believes community awareness is crucial to prevent IPCA and hopes this education campaign will contribute to the reduction of any harmful impact it may cause children and families. 

The context in which IPCA occurs can be complex and involve many different factors, including domestic violence and safety concerns. Importantly, ISS Australia recognises that a greater understanding and addressing of the underlying causes and triggers of IPCA could provide paths for more effective, timely and holistic solutions for families. The ability to do this starts with raising awareness in our communities.

If you are concerned for your child, family or friends and have questions or concerns about IPCA, please watch and share our short informative video. Anyone can contact ISS Australia for further assistance and information. We are here for you. To reach out to our services, click here.

Project Prevent Video

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ISS Australia is grateful for the funding received under the New South Wales Social Sector Transformation grant in 2021 to carry out this project.


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