The Colour of Time, Intercountry Adoption
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The Colour of Time, Intercountry Adoption


ISS Australia is delighted to launch The Colour of Time: A LongitudinalExploration of the Impact of Intercountry Adoption in Australia

The publication was funded by the Australian Government, Department of Social Services (DSS) and produced in partnership with The Benevolent Society’s Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) and Intercountry Adoptee Voices(ICAV)

The book is a collection of personal experiences as told by intercountry adoptees in the Australian context and is a sequel to PARC’s important 2001 publication ‘The Colour of Difference’. The stories shared touch on themes of identity, race, cultural integration, belonging, search and reunion and parenthood and are explored across different generations.

The launch, held on 23 June 2017, was attended by over 120 guests, including many of the book’s contributors and their friends and family. Several contributors spoke on a panel about their experiences being part of the project. We were also honoured to have Joel de Carteret as guest speaker who shared candidly about growing up in Australia as an intercountry adoptee and his recent search for, and reunion with, his birth family in the Philippines.

We thank all the contributors for their courage and honesty in sharing their intercountry adoption experiences and having their voices heard in public through this important resource. We also thank our partners – PARC and ICAV – for their collaboration and DSS for their generous support for the project. Finally, a big thank you to Lynelle Long from ICAV for coordinating the project and to all those who helped to get the book published.

Limited hard copies of the book are available, please contact us at to obtain a copy.

ISS Australia is pleased to announce that The Colour of Time E-book is now available on iTunes and Kindle at the following locations (please click below):
–iTunes (NB:requires the iTunes app)
–Amazon Australia
–Amazon US


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